C’est moi

I grew up in Rochester, N.Y., remedied that by joining the Army and moving to Berlin in 1983, where I’ve been living and playing (sometimes it’s work) ever since.

Things got off to a good start for me. After getting out of the army in 1985, I started playing in many of the clubs, studios and theaters here in Berlin. A comprehensive list might get a little long but here are some of the people I’ve played/am playing with and/or for:

Jocelyn B. Smith

Harald Juhnke

Kai Rautenberg

Barbara Schöneberger

Die Berliner


Roland Kaiser

Marc Secara

Disco Inferno (Still going strong after over 20 years)

Savoy Dance Orchestra

Stars in Concert

Elvis das Musical

Udo Jürgens

Udo Lindenberg

Söhne Mannheims

Die Zöllner

I’ve played more musicals than I can count, an absolute highlight being “Dream Girls” under the direction of Marc Falcone.


Presently I play:

Van Laar B5 and B9.2 Bb Trumpets (Bob Reeves 40s692s & 40m692s)

Van Laar B2 Flügelhorn (Bob Reeves 40 Fl.)

Modified* Schilke P5-4 Piccolo Trumpet

King Master Model Bb Cornet (in the family since 1936)

Modified* Yamaha Eb Cornet (Bob Reeves 40 rim 41 Backbore)

All repair and custom work is trusted to the very capable hands of *Jake Kline at:

The Berliner Tuba.

Sometimes I win, sometimes the trumpet wins.

Trumpet Wins 1

Artwork by Pete Wilcox