Horns and More

My favorite kind of work is by far, playing in a good horn section.

“Die Zöllner Horns”, is comprised of Skip, Gerald (Herr) Meier & Frank (Fratsch) Fritsch. We’ve been playing together for over 25 years as a section, and our intuitive togetherness reflects that.

The “More” part gets as interesting as your imagination.

Need something special for your event ? Just ask.

I’ve come to know the scene in Berlin so well, that I’ve been called on to help meet the musical demands of producers and directors by organising the musicians for many different genres of music, including Advertisements for Mokoh Music and Film Music for Scoring Berlin, where we’ve recorded for composers such as Alan Silvestri, Howard Shore, Henry Jackman, Danny Elfman, the list goes on.

Do you want a seasoned horn section ? Strings ? An entire Orchestra ? Compositions ? Arrangements ? A Shakuhachi Flute Player ? 😁

I can put you in touch with a large pool of musicians, actors and entertainers of all sorts. Just ask.

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